Quick Answer: What Are The Various Attributes Of A Line?

What are the basic lines attributes?

Explanation: Type, width and colors are the basic attributes of line..

What is attributes in computer graphics?

In computing, an attribute is a specification that defines a property of an object, element, or file. It may also refer to or set the specific value for a given instance of such. For clarity, attributes should more correctly be considered metadata. An attribute is frequently and generally a property of a property.

Is the OpenGL function is used to set the line style attribute?

Before a line can be displayed in the current line-stule pattern, we must activate the line-style feature of OpenGL. We accomplish this with the following function: glEnable (GL_LINE_STIPPLE);

What do you mean by scan conversion?

The process of representing continuous graphics objects as a collection of discrete pixels is called scan conversion. Scan conversion or scan converting rate is a video processing technique for changing the vertical / horizontal scan frequency of video signal for different purposes and applications.

What do you mean by attributes of output primitive?

 The line-type attribute include solid lines, dashed lines, and dotted lines. … We modify a line drawing algorithm to generate such lines by setting the length and spacing of displayed solid sections along the line path.

In which method graph is used in from of line to line?

In this chapter, we graphed lines by plotting points, by using intercepts, and by recognizing horizontal and vertical lines. Another method we can use to graph lines is the point-slope method.

Which one is not a type of basic fill styles?

Which one is not a type of basic fill styles? Explanation: Dark fill is not a type of basic fill style, rest of them is the basic fill styles. Explanation: Rectangular fill pattern is called tiling or tiling pattern.

What are different methods of smoothly joining two line segments?

What are different methods of smoothly joining two line segments? Miter joins: Accomplished by extending the outer boundaries of each of the two lines until they meet. Round join: produced by capping the connection between the two segments with a circular boundary whose diameter is equal to the line width.

What is bundled attributes in computer graphics?

bundled attributes Attributes of a graphical output primitive that are defined in a device-dependent table pointed at by an index associated with the primitive.

How do you increase line thickness in OpenGL?

1 Answer. OpenGL implementations are not required to support rendering of wide lines. You can query the range of supported line widths with: GLfloat lineWidthRange[2] = {0.0f, 0.0f}; glGetFloatv(GL_ALIASED_LINE_WIDTH_RANGE, lineWidthRange); // Maximum supported line width is in lineWidthRange[1].