When Did The Den Finish?

Who was the first presenter of the den?

Ian Dempsey1.

Ian Dempsey.

The original and the best.

The show was originally called ‘Dempsey’s Den’ after all..

What was the name of zig and zags dog?

ZuppyZuppy, a dog belonging to Zig and Zag, rarely appeared on screen but more often in comic books.

Who voiced Dustin the Turkey?

John MorrisonDustin the Turkey, a character performed by John Morrison is a former star of RTÉ television’s The Den between 1989 and its cancellation in 2010. He has been described as “the most subversive comedy force on Irish television”.

Who does Podge and Rodge voices?

Created and performed by Ciaran Morrison and Mick O’Hara, more recently, the brothers have presented The Podge and Rodge Show, a chat show in the same vein, and Podge & Rodge’s Stickit Inn, set in a pub. Morrison and O’Hara also created and perform the characters of Zig and Zag, Bronx Bunny, and Teddy T.

Did Dustin the Turkey win Eurovision?

Dustin the Turkey wins Ireland’s national song contest by public vote. … Dustin the Turkey has been chosen by the public to represent Ireland at the Eurovision Song Contest semi-final in Belgrade in May. The entry won Eurosong 2008 held in the University Concert Hall in Limerick with the song ‘Irelande Douze Pointe’.

Where are zig and zag now?

It will be a new weekend family show reuniting Zig and Zag, Ray D’Arcy and Dustin the Turkey. The show returned on 8 November 2020 making a debut return to RTÉ One whereas previously, the slot was on RTÉ 2.

Who presented the den?

Ian DempseyThe Den (TV programme)The DenAlso known asDempsey’s Den (1986–90) Den TV (occasionally between 1990 and 1997) Den2 (1998–2002) The Den (2002–2010)Presented byIan Dempsey (1986–90) Ray D’Arcy (1990–98) (2020- Damien McCaul (1998–2003) Francis Boylan, Jnr (2003–05) Kathryn McKiernan (2005–2010)13 more rows

Are zig and zag Podge and Rodge?

In a different time and a different place, they were Zig and Zag, the pair of extraterrestrial puppets who began on The Den before joining Channel 4’s The Big Breakfast. … IT IS NO secret that Zig and Zag/Podge and Rodge are two thirtysomething Dubliners, Ciaran Morrison and Mick O’Hara.

What is the difference between a zig and zag?

As nouns the difference between zig and zag is that zig is a sudden or sharp turn or change of direction while zag is one of a series of sharp turns or reversals.