Quick Answer: Who Did Fred Astaire Like To Dance With The Most?

Was Fred and Ginger a couple?

Fred Astaire (May 10, 1899 – June 22, 1987) and Ginger Rogers (July 16, 1911 – April 25, 1995) were dance partners in a total of 10 films, nine of them with RKO Radio Pictures from 1933 to 1939, and one, The Barkleys of Broadway, with MGM in 1949, their only color film..

Who was Fred Astaire’s first dancing partner?

Claire LuceBorn on October 15, 1903: American stage & screen actress, dancer and singer Claire Luce. She co-starred with Fred Astaire in the original Broadway musical “Gay Divorce” (1932), and was his first dance partner after he’d ended his 25-year partnership with sister, Adele Astaire.

Who was a better dancer Fred or Gene?

So Fred Astaire was the more interesting dancer, and the influence of his films is still reflected even in contemporary pop culture to a greater degree (in my opinion) than Gene Kelly’s. But I also have a soft spot, personally, for the guy and his films.

Did Fred Astaire and Judy Garland get along?

“Judy and Fred got along just great, because she’s a great pro and a fantastic entertainer, and he was too. And I think that when you put pros together, its always a happy union, because they like to work and work hard. And they did.”

Who taught Fred Astaire to dance?

Fred Astaire (born Frederick Austerlitz in 1899), was enrolled in dance school by his parents when he was four, to accompany his older sister Adele.