Is Skyrim Grandma Still Alive?

Is Skyrim Grandma alive?

Skyrim Grandma, a.k.a.

Shirley Curry, is one of the world’s oldest streamers at age 84..

What happened Skyrim Grandma?

Skyrim Grandma takes time off for her health after negative YouTube comments. … But she’s now taking an extended break for the sake of her health, which Curry says “isn’t very good” – in large part due to the stress of managing a YouTube channel and dealing with negative comments. “My blood pressure is going insane.

Is Shirley Curry dead?

Shirley Curry Obituary (1926 – 2019) – Journal & Courier.

Who is the Skyrim Grandma?

Shirley CurryShirley Curry, better known as Skyrim Grandma, is a popular gamer in her 80’s, and her videos are seriously some of the cutest things on the internet.

How old is the Skyrim Grandma?

84Shirley Curry (born April 2, 1936 (1936-04-02) [age 84]) is a gaming YouTuber who mostly plays games made by Bethesda, such as Skyrim and Fallout 4. She has earned a reputation by the Gaming community as being the “Grandma of YouTube”, and has been dubbed as Skyrim Grandma.

Who plays Skyrim?

Shirley Curry has clocked thousands of hours of gameplay since the 1990s. She’s been a gamer longer than many of today’s top competitors have been alive. Still, when people rave about her charming walk-throughs of the blockbuster role-playing game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, she feels their praise is out of place.

Is Elder Scrolls 6 coming out?

Unsurprisingly, there’s no release date for The Elder Scrolls 6 yet. And that’s not likely to change any time soon. Bethesda has said that its space game, Starfield, will come out before a new Elder Scrolls game, and that title doesn’t yet have a release date, either.