Question: What Kind Of Last Name Is Hunter?

Is Hunter a good name?

A strong name with rugged appeal, Hunter has been hanging out in the Top 100 since the 1990s.

He fits in well with the occupation name trend that has also ushered in Cooper, Carter, and Mason.

A youthful name, Hunter is the perfect pick for a gung-ho toddler or a little boy with endless energy and enthusiasm..

Top Names Over the Last 100 YearsMalesFemalesRankNameName1JamesMary2JohnPatricia3RobertJennifer93 more rows

What nationality is the last name Hunter?

ScottishLast name: Hunter Recorded as Huntar, Hunter, and the female Huntress and Huntriss, this ancient surname is of Anglo-Scottish origins. The derivation is from the Olde English pre 7th Century word “hunta”, from “huntian”, meaning to hunt, with the agent suffix “-er”, meaning one who does or works with.

How common is the last name Hunter?

Hunter Surname Distribution MapPlaceIncidenceFrequencyUnited States198,0041:1,830England41,0371:1,358Australia24,9961:1,080Canada22,8951:1,609113 more rows

Is Hunter an Irish name?

Scottish, English, and northern Irish: variant of Hunt, a Middle English secondary derivative formed with the addition of the agent noun suffix -er.

What are nicknames for Hunter?

Cute Nicknames for HunterHun: A derivative of the name Hunter, and a shortened version of “Honey/Hunnie”, a term of endearment.Hunny.Huntie: A cute nickname that sounds like “Aunty”.Hottie.Hunter-Bear.Hunter-Bug.Hunner Bunner.Hunny Bunny.More items…

What kind of name is Hunter?

unisexHunter is an English unisex given name. In the United States and the United Kingdom (although very rarely used in the UK) notable people with the name include: Hunter Doherty Adams, better known as Patch Adams (born 1945), American physician and activist.

Is Hunt a German name?

Hunt is an occupational surname related with hunting, originating in England and Ireland.

What does Hunter stand for?

One Who HuntsOrigin: English. Meaning: One Who Hunts. #OccupationalName #Surname. The name Hunter means One Who Hunts and is of English origin.

What is gender of Hunter?

Hunter is the commonly accepted modern word for a hunter of either gender. Huntress is also acceptable. … But in some places you can say huntress is the feminine word you asked for.