Quick Answer: Why Did Jimin Cry At The Concert?

How fast did BTS tickets sell out?

20 minutesBTS’ label, Big Hit Entertainment, later told Billboard that the tickets sold out in 20 minutes.

The show is advertised to have had 40,000 tickets available..

Why do BTS cry at concert?

Jungkook from BTS Cried While Performing Seated During London Show Because of Injury. He injured himself hours before the show. After injuring his foot prior to BTS’s sold-out concert in London last night, Jungkook — one of the K-Pop group’s seven members — was left unable to stand up for the concert.

Why did Jimin cry at Rose Bowl?

On the second night, Jimin cried at the end of the show as he could not control the waves of emotion hitting him. Overwhelmed by the importance of that moment, Jimin teared up and yelled, “I love you” to the ARMYs that filled up the stadium. … BTS is the first K-pop band to ever perform at the iconic Rose Bowl Stadium.

Who is the most innocent in BTS?

JiminThe idol’s responses have varied, but include the group leader and J-Hope on this list as well . This could lead us to believe that, being the one who betrays his companions, Jimin is the most innocent, but surprisingly on another occasion he also included himself in such a list.

What was the biggest BTS concert?

Bang Bang ConK-pop sensation BTS joined artists livestreaming for their own “Bang Bang Con,” which became the world’s biggest paid online concert in history. The livestream, presented by BTS’ management company Big Hit Entertainment, took place yesterday, streaming from a studio in Seoul.

What is Jungkook’s favorite smell?

Wonho’s favorite scent is the official MONBEBE “Banilla Boutique” fragrance.

Who is Park Jimin best friend?

Danse JinDo you know Jimin’s best friend? her name is SunJin (선진) but she is known as Danse Jin, Jimin has been friends with her since High School, She’s a YouTuber. She attends Korea National University of Arts and majors in contemporay dance.

Why did Jimin cry at the concert 2020?

Jimin was Frustrated After trying to gather himself as much as he could, Jimin revealed that he was frustrated with the fact he couldn’t connect with ARMY.

Who cried the most in BTS?

Originally Answered: Which BTS member is the most emotional? I would say that the two most emotional members would be Jimin and Taehyung, followed by Jungkook. Jimin cries quite easily, and even though he sometimes tries to hide it, you can see the emotion on his face. …

Who is the thickest member of BTS?

JungkookMuscular or thicc? For muscular it’s definitely Jungkook. It could be Namjoon too.

Who is the most sensitive in BTS?

JungkookBTS members have revealed that Jungkook is the most sensitive and feminine among them!

Who has sold out Wembley Stadium the fastest?

BTS sells out Wembley Stadium show in 90 minutes – UPI.com.

Why did BTS cry at Wembley?

It all started when the staff members decided to hold a special event for BTS with the fans. They wanted to create a memorable moment that’ll last a lifetime for both the members and the fans who have worked so hard during their world tour.

Who is the most serious BTS member?

JiminAccording to fans on Quora, Jimin is one of the most mature, kind, and hard-working members of BTS. Reportedly, Jimin found more confidence in himself in comparison to previous eras.