What Does But I Hung On Like Death Mean?

What is the poetic term for repeating a certain line or lines at points?


A phrase, line, or group of lines that is repeated throughout a poem, usually after every stanza..

What does it mean to beat time?

beat time ​Definitions and Synonyms phrase. DEFINITIONS1. 1. to make regular movements or sounds to show how fast a piece of music should be sung or played.

What is the meaning behind My Papa’s Waltz?

The poem takes place sometime during the poet’s childhood and features a boy who loves his father, but is afraid of him. The boy is waltzing with his father, who is drunk and described as having battered knuckles and dirty palms. “My Papa’s Waltz” deals with themes of family, relationships, confliction, fear, and love.

What is the metaphor in My Papa’s Waltz?

In the scope of things, “My Papa’s Waltz” is a metaphor for the father-son relationship in the poem. The waltz represents the dance between love and resentment between the father and son.

What does romped mean in My Papa’s Waltz?

Stanza 1 seems innocent enough, for example, where the speaker ends by referring to “waltzing.” Although he refers to the dance as “not easy,” it can still be that the father indulged a little and started playing with his boy. In the second stanza, the word “romped” further confirms a sense of fun, despite the mother’s.

What does waltzing mean?

waltzed; waltzing; waltzes. Definition of waltz (Entry 2 of 2) intransitive verb. 1 : to dance a waltz. 2 : to move or advance in a lively or conspicuous manner : flounce.

Is My Papa’s Waltz a sonnet?

My Papa’s Waltz may be one of Roethke’s best known poems. It’s written in an Iambic Trimeter that Roethke skillfully varies according to the subject matter of the poem – a counterpoint unavailable to free verse poetry.

What is the conflict in My Papa’s Waltz?

What is the conflict at the center of the poem “My Papa’s Waltz”? One could argue that the central conflict of the poem is between the narrator and his drunken father. The father has picked up his son and is drunkenly dancing around the house with him, causing…

Who is the audience in My Papa’s Waltz?

Most likely, however, the intended audience is a general one, which is probably why the poem is so open to interpretation. The speaker in this poem addresses his father; this is established in the first line of the first stanza with the use of the personal possessive pronoun “your.”

What is the attitude of my Papa’s Waltz?

The tone of the poem is melancholic and resentful indeed but the greatest irony of the poem lies in the fact that Waltz is a symbol of elegance and grace. Nevertheless, the entire episode of the poem is quite disgraceful as the father is drunk and is not in his senses while executing any of his gesture towards his son.

How does the speaker feel about his bedtime waltz with his father?

How does the speaker feel about his bedtime waltz with his father? … The father’s behavior is loving and fun, even if he has whiskey on his breath and is a bit rough. The father “beats time” on the boy’s head (line 13) in an affectionate way and puts his son to bed (line 15) in a tender way.

What does beat time on my head mean?

You beat time on my head. With a palm caked hard by dirt, We see more about the father’s roughness in these lines. He “beat” time, which refers to a musical beat here, but still reminds us of physical assault. We don’t know what the speaker’s father did for a living, but we know that Roethke’s father owned a greenhouse …

What is the speaker doing in My Papa’s Waltz?

The poem “My Papa’s Waltz” by Theodore Roethke is a moving representation of childhood spent in a working middle class family. The speaker of this poem is a man recalling his childhood, his father and his mother through the means of a waltz.

What literary devices are used in My Papa’s Waltz?

Roethke makes use of several literary devices in ‘My Papa’s Waltz’. These include but are not limited to examples of allusion, enjambment, and similes. Throughout this poem, there are allusions to an undercurrent of violence that makes this “dance” all the stranger.

What does scraped a buckle mean?

In other words the fathers knuckles was damage from hitting something too much. “At every step you missed, my right ear scraped a buckle.” This could mean the father us abusing the son with his belt every time the father did something wrong(step you missed).

What is the simile in the poem My Papa’s Waltz?

Simile: There is only one simile used in this poem. It is used in the third line, “But I hung on like death.” The poet compares the child’s affection and interaction with death to show how desperate he is to spend time with his father.

What does my mother’s countenance could not Unfrown itself mean?

“Countenance” means face, or expression. Saying that her face couldn’t unfrown itself is just another way to say that she couldn’t stop frowning. It could also mean that her face is physically frowning, but inside she’s smiling.

What is Unfrown?

to contract the brow, as in displeasure or deep thought; scowl. to look displeased; have an angry look.