Quick Answer: Is Montalvo A Spanish Name?

What nationality is the name Montalvo?

PortuguesePortuguese and Spanish: habitational name from places named Montalvo.

See Montalbo..

Is Santos a Spanish name?

Santos is a surname of Christian origin in Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, Maltese and Filipino languages. The English translation of Santos is Saints. A singular version, Santo, may be seen.

Is Maldonado a Spanish name?

Family name origins & meanings Spanish and Portuguese : nickname for an ugly or stupid person, from Spanish mal donado ‘ill-favored’. … Spanish and Portuguese : habitational name from Maldonado, a village in the province of Albacete.

Is Santos a girl name?

Gender Popularity of the Name “Santos” Boy or Girl? Santos: It’s a boy! Since 1880, a total of 15,391 boys have been given the name Santos while 783 girls were named Santos.

What language is Delgado?

Delgado Community College offers courses in French and Spanish, for personal enrichment, for fulfillment of degree requirements, or for students who seek fluency in a foreign language for professional or personal purposes.

What does Montalvo mean in Spanish?

Montalvo, Montels, Montal, Montavelo, Mont & De LA Montabo ( literally mean of the mountain)” and is of Spanish origin. According to a user from Texas, U.S., the name Montalvo is of French origin and means “White mountain”.

Is Delgado a Spanish name?

Spanish and Portuguese: nickname for a thin person, from Spanish, Portuguese delgado ‘slender’ (Latin delicatus ‘dainty’, ‘exquisite’, a derivative of deliciae ‘delight’, ‘joy’).

What is Gordo mean?

gordo adjetivo fat; thick; fatty, greasy, oily; unpleasant.

What is Delgado English?

thin, skinny; slender, slim; delicate, fine; sharp, clever.