Quick Answer: What Is The Meaning Of The Yoruba Name Simisola?

What does chi mean in Nigerian?

type of guardian angelIn Nigeria, Chi refers to a type of guardian angel.

Chi is also a vital force that Taoist and other Chinese religions believe to be inherent in all things..

What does Oreoluwa mean in Yoruba?

Oreoluwa is a feminine name of African origin. The name originates from Nigeria, from the Yoruba tribe. The name is said to mean ‘A Gift From God’. It is an unusual name to find outside of Africa but its use is spreading to other countries and it is especially favoured by African American parents.

How can I praise my girlfriend in Yoruba?

21 Sweet Yoruba names to call Your Lover. December 1, 2019 Moyinoluwa Olawoye 6 Comments. … Ọkàn mi. Meaning: My heart. … Ìfẹ́ mi. Meaning: My love. … Òrékelẹ́wà Meaning: Young and beautiful. … Àrídúnnú Meaning: To see something and get instantly happy. … Adùn ayé mi. Meaning: Sweetness in my life. … Ìtùnú mi. … Ìyàwó mi.More items…•

What does Tobi mean in Yoruba?

Additional information: Tobi is a Yoruba name with root from the Yoruba land, the south-western part of Nigeria in Africa. The full name means OLUWATOBILOBA, OLUWA- means God, -TOBI means Great or Big and -OBA means King. OLUWATOBILOBA means God is a great/big King.

Is imade a Yoruba name?

A user from Nigeria says the name Imade is of Yoruba origin and means “I am to be crowned”. … According to a user from United Kingdom, the name Imade is of African origin and means “A beautiful, smart brave spirit who is loved by all”.

What does Aina mean in Yoruba?

Meaning of the name AINA : Yoruba Of Nigeria Female Name Meaning “difficult Birth,” Such As A Child Born With Umbilical Cord Around Neck.

What does Femi mean in Yoruba?

love meFemi is a common Nigerian given name of Yoruba origin which means “love me”. Femi is also a diminutive form of “Olufemi” which means “God loves me” (“Olu” means God in the Yoruba language). Other full forms of the name include Olorunfemi, Jesufemi, Babafemi, etc. People named Femi includes: Acting.

What does Lola mean in Yoruba?

Lola Ade (pronounced “Law-lah (like lullaby) Add-A”) is a Nigerian name from the Yoruba language. Lola translates to “Wealthy” and Ade means “Crown.”

What was Nigeria called before?

The Benin Empire (1440–1897; called Bini by locals) was a pre-colonial African state in what is now modern Nigeria. It should not be confused with the modern-day country called Benin, formerly called Dahomey.

What does Kemi mean in Yoruba?

God Takes Care Of MeThe name Kemi means God Takes Care Of Me and is of African origin. … Kemi is a Yoruba (Nigerian) name.

What does Funke mean in Yoruba?

Funke is a Nigerian name from the Yoruba tribe. The full name is “Olufunke” and it means “God has given me someone to care for” .

What is the meaning of Yoruba name wuraola?

Wuraola is a Yoruba name for girls meaning Gold. Read below for Wuraola’s celebrity and ruler associations, and numerological meanings. If Wuraola is the one, congratulations!

What does Yinka mean in Nigerian?

Wealth surrounds meAccording to a user from United Kingdom, the name Yinka is of Nigerian origin and means “Wealth surrounds me”.

Why do Nigerian names start with Ola?

In Yoruba, ola means ‘wealth’. Ola is also used a female name in communities where Yoruba is spoken. Furthermore, ola can also be used as a prefix or…

Is Lola a good name?

Lola is one of the most truly international Spanish name for girls, enjoying mass popularity around the world. It’s also one of the hottest girl names starting with L.

What is the meaning of the Yoruba name ayobami?

Ayobami is a Yoruba name for girls meaning Blessed with joy.

What does Simi mean in Yoruba?

A submission from Nigeria says the name Simi means “Rest” and is of Yoruba origin.

What is the meaning of the Yoruba name?

People In NigeriaThe name Yoruba means People In Nigeria and is of African origin.

What does olukemi mean?

Olukemi is a Yoruba name for babies meaning god takes care of me.

What does simisola mean in Yoruba?

rest in wealthMeaning of Simisola: Means “rest in wealth” in Yoruba.

What does Remi mean in Yoruba?

SHORT FORM OF: oluremi. LANGUAGE FAMILY: afro-asiatic ORIGIN: african (yorÙbÁ) NAME ROOT: OLú-Ọ̀RúN / OLú > OLUREMI. MEANING: This name derives from the African (Yorùbá) “Oluremi”, meaning “God brings Comfort, God comforts me”.