What Second Name Means?

What does second given name mean?

Second name sometimes means middle name (i.e.

a second first name, some people use it as a substitute for their first name, but usually the middle name is rarely used outside of official documents, and apparently parents when they’re angry with their kids).

What is your second name called?

In several cultures, a middle name is a portion of a personal name that is written between the person’s first given name and their surname. A middle name is often abbreviated, especially in the United States, and is then called middle initial or just initial.

What is first and second name?

1. Given-names: these are the names given to children by their parents (or, rarely, are changed by the children). 2. Family-names (otherwise known as surnames): these are the names passed down from generation to generation (except in Iceland).

What middle name means?

1 : a name between one’s first name and surname. 2 : a term that is particularly apt to denote a person’s qualities or affinities patience is her middle name.