Quick Answer: Is Don Julio 1942 Worth The Money?

Is Don Julio top shelf?

Don Julio Reposado was the last member of the family to hit the market.

It’s also the “go-to” reposado for both taste and new brand positioning.

With a smooth, smoky vanilla flavor and a 40% alcohol content, this reposado is a true top-shelf tequila, Don’t miss out!.

Is Don Julio better than Patron?

Co-worker told me that patron is more hype and don Julio is much better. I prefer smoother drink with less of a bite. … The ones I liked best were the Patron reposado and the Don Julio Anejo. Surprisingly, the Patron anejo was not as smooth as the reposado so I didn’t like it as much.

Is Don Julio expensive?

Don Julio Real Tequila It has notes of light spice, vanilla, and chocolate, with a minimal burn. At $350 a bottle, it is pricey but still affordable for small sips on special occasions.

How much is a Don Julio 1942 Fifth?

DON JULIO 1942 TEQUILA . 750 for only $89.99 in online liquor store.

What is so special about Don Julio 1942?

The new Don Julio 1942 has a little more vanilla, and slightly more caramelized baked agave to the aroma. The older formula smells great, but the new stuff smells even better. The flavor is deeper, richer, rounder, and has a slightly cleaner finish. We were so surprised by this that we had to get other people involved.

How much does a shot of Don Julio 1942 cost?

How much is a shot of 1942 at a bar? A 60ml/double shot of Don Julio 1942 in a bar in the United States costs, on average, between $30-$50.

Why is Don Julio so expensive?

To qualify as extra añejo, a tequila has to be aged for a minimum of three years, making it both more expensive and, ideally, more complex. Don Julio’s extra añejo Real tequila is distilled for anywhere from three to five years.

Is Don Julio cheaper in Mexico?

With how weak is the Mexican peso in comparison to other currencies, yes, it’s cheaper. You can get a Don Julio 1942 for 65€. You can get a Siete Leguas Añejo for 32€. If you have dollars that’s even better, right now one USD is around 15 Mexican Pesos.

Is Don Julio 1942 discontinued?

Tequila Don Julio 1942 Anejo discontinued/rare.

How do you drink 1942 Don Julio?

One example: “I can tell you that our Don Julio 1942 Tequila pairs wonderfully with foie gras,” de Colsa says. Blanco tequilas tend to go well “with any kind of ceviche or raw fish or light seafood,” he says. The un-aged and straight-forward blanco notes won’t overpower those lighter dishes.

What is the most expensive tequila?

The one-of-a-kind 1.3 liter tequila bottle, dubbed “The Diamond Sterling,” is worth $3.5 million — that’s more than a million dollars per liter. According to Culture Map, the bottle was created by Tequila Ley . 925 and it’s the most expensive bottle ever put on sale.

How do you drink Don Julio?

0.25ozMix Don Julio Blanco Tequila with Orange Juice.Rim highball glass with sea salt.Add big ice cubes to the glass.Add grenadine or substitutes to the glass.Slowly pour the tequila and orange juice mixture into the glass.Garnish with a cherry if wanted or an orange twist.

What is the best top shelf tequila?

15 Bottles Of Tequila That’ll Fit Your Every Mood—Whether You’re Sipping Straight Or Blending A MargPatrón Silver. Patrón reservebar.com. … Casamigos Blanco. Casamigos reservebar.com. … Don Julio 1942. … Clase Azul Reposado Tequila. … Dano’s Blanco. … Milagro Select Barrel Reserve Reposado. … Hornitos Plata Tequila. … Avión Añejo.More items…•

Don Julio 1942, was created to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the opening of Don Julio’s first distillery, La Primavera in 1942. It can be a fine tequila for special times if you like this taste profile, but at this price, it’s not be your everyday anejo.

What’s the smoothest tequila?

All this writing is making us thirsty, so without further adieu, these are the best sipping tequilas for any budget:Siete Leguas Reposado. … Patrón Extra Añejo. … Fortaleza Blanco. … Los Arango Reposado. … Siembra Valles Ancestral. … Casamigos Reposado … 1800 Silver. Courtesy of 1800. … Clase Azul Reposado. Courtesy of Clase Azul.More items…•

How much is Don Julio 1942 at Costco?

Costco carries three store-brand tequilas: Añejo, Silver, and Reposado. How much does a bottle of Don Julio 1942 cost?…How much is a bottle of Don Julio in Mexico?TypeSizePriceDon Julio Blanco Tequila375ml$19.99 – $27.99750ml$41.99 – $45.991.75L$79.99 – $89.991 more row•Mar 20, 2020

How much alcohol does Don Julio 1942 have?

Don Julio Anejo Tequila 1942, 750 ml, 80 ProofBrandDon JulioFlavorVanillaAlcohol Content40 Percent by VolumeAlcohol TypeTequilaLiquid Contents DescriptionLiquor and Spirits