Quick Answer: What Is Another Word For Unlucky?

What is curse antonym?


Antonyms: blessed, consecrated, devoted, divine, hallowed, holy, sacred, saintly, set apart.

Synonyms: abominable, common, impure, polluted, secular, unconsecrated, unhallowed, unholy, unsanctified, wicked, worldly..

What is the antonyms of beautiful?

Antonyms for beautifulawkward.bad.coarse.crude.drab.dull.homely.horrible.More items…

What do you call a dangerous place?

Noun. Dangerous area. danger zone. critical point.

How do you say OK in a nice way?

Synonyms forall right.OK.approved.fair.fine.good.middling.permitted.

What does doomed mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to give judgment against : condemn. 2a : to fix the fate of : destine felt he was doomed to a life of loneliness. b : to make certain the failure or destruction of the scandal doomed her chances for election.

What is another word for cursed?

SYNONYMS FOR curse 1, 9 imprecation, execration, fulmination, malediction. 5 misfortune, calamity, trouble. 5, 6 bane, scourge, plague, affliction, torment.

What is the other word for dangerous?

full of danger or risk; causing danger; perilous; risky; hazardous; unsafe.

What is another word for Okay?

What is another word for okay?fineacceptablealrightcoolreasonableall rightOKsatisfactorygoodagreeable54 more rows

How do you break the jinx?

If the other person says “jinx” first, you are not allowed to talk for the rest of the game. End the game. The game ends when the person who originally said “jinx” says the other person’s name or when the jinxed person speaks, losing the game.

Is it rude to say okay?

More words in general sound more polite Gretchen McCulloch, an internet linguist and author of the upcoming book Because Internet, said OK is not inherently rude but the length of a reply matters. “Anything that’s shorter can sound curter, anything that’s longer can sound more polite,” McCulloch said.

Is it cursed or cursed?

According to the Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary (“The world’s most trusted pronouncing dictionary”, according to itself), you’re correct. ‘Cursed’ is the past tense and past participle of ‘to curse’, ‘cur-sed’ is the adjective.

What is a cursed meme?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A cursed image refers to images (usually photographs) that are perceived as mysterious or disturbing due to their content, poor quality, or a combination of the two. A cursed image makes a person ask questions about the image’s existence in the first place.

What is a synonym for unlucky?

SYNONYMS. unfortunate, luckless, out of luck, down on one’s luck, hapless, ill-fated, ill-starred, star-crossed, blighted, unhappy, unsuccessful, wretched, miserable, poor, pitiful.

What does break the jinx mean?

A bad omen — like a black cat — can be called a jinx, or the resulting bad fortune itself might be referred to that way. Jinx is also a verb, meaning “to subject to bad luck.” In the 17th century the word was jyng, which also meant a bird called a “wryneck,” used in witchcraft.

What can I say instead of I’m fine?

Ways to say that you are well.I’m fine thank you.I feel great / marvellous / fine.Couldn’t be better.Fit as a fiddle.Very well, thanks.Okay.Alright.Not bad.More items…

What does jinx mean?

A jinx (also jynx), in popular superstition and folklore, is a curse or the attribute of attracting bad or negative luck. The word “jynx” meaning the bird wryneck and sometimes a charm or spell has been in use in English since the seventeenth century.

What’s the opposite of cursed?

What is the opposite of cursed?redeemablecorrigiblecorrectablefixablemanageablerepairablesalvageablereclaimablesaveabletractable2 more rows

Whats the opposite of danger?

What is the opposite of danger?safetysecurityasylumimmunityguardinviolabilityinvulnerabilityprotectioncareshelter6 more rows

What does it mean to jinx yourself?

Example If you’re outside an you say “I hope it doesn’t rain.” And then it starts raining, you would “jinx” yourself. Example. If you’re outside an you say “I hope it doesn’t rain.” And then it starts raining, you would “jinx” yourself.

What does cursed mean?

adjective. under a curse; damned. deserving a curse; hateful; abominable.